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JPG" class="image-slide-anchor content-fit" royal-crown-derby-bone-china-factory-mark-gold" data-lightbox-theme="dark" href=" GBTodd I8p Dm48k ESaf9y6b BX9s Rrsv YGO3ZZZw-z PPgdn4j Uw Vc JE1Zv WEt T5u BSRWt4v QZAg TJuco Tqq Xj S3Cf NDSuuf31e0t VHVMUa Y9fnj Fox PAx Vxexb DT65Hv_n-JGK3Ki VR69Nf BJ1z DMfxjo XGDCxwz3Y9Vxg/royal-crown-derby-bone-china-factory-mark-gold.jpg" class="image-slide-anchor content-fit" The first two factory marks are scratched through. As much of the output up to, during and in the first seven years after the war was produced for export, only seconds quality or undecorated surrey shape ware was available to purchase in the UK. Unfortunately a piece could have been potted and then stored away for years before actually being decorated.

This denotes "Seconds" quality and is very often "overlooked" by internet sellers. They were used somewhat sporadically during the period under question, and then on flat ware but not on hollow ware (i.e.cups, vases etc.).

The "Made in England" is in a slightly different colour and seems to be a later addition.

It seems most likely that pieces in storage were used long after they were originally potted, but further research is required.

The patterns were listed in the pattern books chronologically, so it is possible to give a date range, especially where the date the pattern was first produced is known from other records - e.g. It is also hoped to give an approximate date when the production of a pattern ended in due course from a study of images available on internet auction sites.Anyone requiring detailed information on this topic is advised to read the excellent paper by Ian Harding in Journal 6 of the Derby Porcelain international Society 2009.Fortuitously I have only needed to concentrate on a 34 year period.I have endeavoured to give sufficient information to give a reasonably accurate date of manufacture.For the purpose of elimination, below is a selection of factory marks for the period prior to 1927, dated in accordance with date ciphers set out in the subsequent tables.

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This website deals only with ware from the Osmaston Road Works.

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