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It is important to deliver compliance tests smoothly, as if they are not “tests,” but rather small hoops that the PUA smoothly transitions to.If a woman complies, the compliance threshold can be increased with each data point, and, if she declines or is unenthusiastic about it, the PUA can always IOD and try again when more demonstrations of value have been communicated from both sides.” Especially If it’s from a really gorgeous woman, anything that appears kind of innocent is typically a compliance test.The secret strategy is just simply that you don’t want to acquiesce to or flat out turn down the demand, what you want to do is take control over it and add your own terms.She will start to see patterns in the ways guys behave if they are actually confident or not, that has nothing to do with looks.

Essentially what you’re doing now is you are getting compliance from them. This is called flipping the script and you will hear a lot about this.

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If you talk to any number of super hot girls and approach them, you are going to start to see the exact same SOP over and over again – she is going to put you to the test. You will join the piles of men she’s needed to decline because they just weren’t confident enough.

How you respond to “buy me a drink” is critical when you’re in a bar.

There are other small things like “why don’t you wait right here while I go to the restroom.” or “give me a kiss ” and even “will you take a picture for us?

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Flipping the script is one of the most powerful things that you can do to a woman that will create a massive amount of intrigue and attraction.

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