Women and dating rules

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Women and dating rules

This point is somehow related to the previous one except that this time I am asking you to remain a mystery not about your feelings but about yourself in general.

To put it very simply, if someone has no interest in you and you refrain from giving him information about you, nothing will happen…because he was never interested in the first place, but if you guys have been dating, you know at this point that he is interested in you.

So if you refrain from telling him too much about you, you will intrigue him and keep him interested for as long as you do so.

He will be excited just at the thought of meeting you and will always look forward to see you again…and this is what we want.

You will also come across as easily impressed and he might think he does not need to work for you.

This is particularly true with men who use their wealth or social status to impress women, because their value system is solely based on materialism and social status, so you will score very low on the value scale if you validate them too much because they will think that it does not take much to get you all over them.

If you have been already on one date, or a few dates…the guy knows that you are interested to a certain degree.

The key to achieve it is to practice patience…be patient, relax and enjoy the process.

A high value woman often operates by rules when it comes to dating, and there are some that a high value woman would never break under any circumstances.

In this blog post, I will list the 10 rules that I believe you should live by if you want to be a high value woman and stand out in the dating game.

There is a fine line between being nice to someone and validating him too much.

Surely you can compliment him on something you genuinely think it is worth the compliment…but you should not do it just to be in his good books…I mean it will flatter his ego but will not make him like you more.

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so the last thing you want to do is to make the first move towards him.

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