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Use code: WONTLASTLONG ☀️🎵 Thanks for spreading the #Soulrocker vibes!!!→ bit.ly/WONTLASTLONG pic.twitter.com/Ou Vxi JLA9F I do play it and depending on the age of the audience I’ve changed “fucked up” to “messed up”.The proceeds go directly towards helping us make more musical wishes come true: diftl.pic.twitter.com/j Vl4E34vb U It’s #Sonic Lunch Day!!!Join us at AM for @abbiestauffer & 12PM for @michaelfranti.You see, from the opening song where Franti speaks “It’s the little things” to the album closing thoughts of “I will love out loud, live without permission, walk in the light, I will stand beside you, stand on the corner, all through the night…take me alive”, contains 14 tracks of inspiration in the purest of forms.It’s fascinating how you can focus on one subject matter, whether it’s optimism or positivity, crack it open and pull out all the little elements and write 14 different songs.Having said that, I deeply appreciate how you address hard times.

💙 #hopehealingmusic youtu.be/EEVj5Pm Bl Uo Seeing how negative emotions lead to negative consequences can help us overcome them.

Elevate your #rrrpgh experience: pic.twitter.com/m Fp5p2Jws K Ladies and gentlemen! We just announced our final show of the North American Dream Tour!

We’ll be playing in Denver, Colorado opening for the one, the only, @michaelfranti!!! 🚨 Nashville based singer-songwriter @Devon Gilfillian is bringing his soulful vibes to select dates on the #Stay Human Tour this fall!

I am constantly thinking how I can promote the message of kindness, humanity and being nice to people, while at the same time make it fun for people without blaming a certain group for the problems, because when you do that, you alienate and what we need to do is unite.

Music is my way of doing it and every single person here with me is dedicated to getting that sense of optimism out there in the world.

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It feels like every day I wake up, read the news and say, “Oh man, this world is in tough shape.” Lately it’s been really wearing me down.