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Who is chaz bono dating now

Every random individual from television celebrity, sports celebrity or a normal being loves to be in a spotlight and get acknowledged for their achievements.But, things turned out opposite for the actor cum advocate Chaz Bono Broke, who remained in the limelight for his broken engagement with his girlfriend turned partner. Is it due to his heavy weight or are there any hidden reason unshared by the star.When talking about his major transformation in weight loss, the actor in the show of Oprah Winfrey open about the real reason for his weight loss.

Moreover, Elia was also the one who partnered him and was with him during the entire process of transition.

Five years later, he opened up with his parents, and they accepted him without any hesitations.

The fact obsessed him so much that he could then no longer stay on the body which didn’t belong to him.

We also hope he gets hooked with a new bee, who would love him for what he is and hope she would be a decent wife too.

We all are waiting for the man to get married and start his family soon.

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Just for the lovers of Chaz Bono, we are sharing the untold story of his ruined engagement and about his initiation for weight loss.

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