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White women dating in kenya

I was shocked and frustrated when I did my research for this article. At first, I didn’t want to write this article because I got the feeling that …at least in the eyes of Western men. I know that there are a lot of prostitutes in the capital of Kenya.Blogs, forums and websites are full of sleazy ads and experience reports that talk about Nairobi women as if they were pigs in a slaughterhouse. I know that it’s one of the hotspots for sex tourism.Sign up for a free membership and browse our mobile dating sites to find a partner of your dreams!

Nobody really wants to wrestle through life nowadays.

A white man remains loyal to his woman as long as the relationship exists. According to some Kenyan women, white men are supposedly the most loyal partners you can ever get.

He will always remind his woman how beautiful and wonderful she is. To them, white men hardly lie rather they are bold enough to tell that truth that might seem hurtful as they believe telling the truth will do a lot better than telling that one lie that can pile up to become a monster in the future of a relationship. In fact, just a handful can actually hold their women’s hand while walking in town.

It is the desire of every woman to wear expensive dresses, posh hair-do, live in a stylishly elegant house, drive an upper-class car and most importantly, get everything she wants without any limitations.

Sadly, only white men can offer all of these to their women without complaints.

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