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Turn off automatic date updating in word

For example, you may want to insert a product code like "1-ANC", but it is automatically changed to "1-CAN" each time because Excel believes you've misspelled the word "can".

To prevent all automatic changes made by Auto Correct, simply turn it off: In many situations, you may not want to stop autocorrect in Excel completely, but disable it for particular words.

If Word is configured to automatically update links when documents are open, document content can change without the user's knowledge, which could put important information at risk.

Advanced “Update automatic links at Open” will be set to “Disabled”.

Here's how to turn off Apple's nagging popups to update to the new Mac OS.

However, there is a macro that allows using Math Auto Correct outside math regions.

It may sound strange, but Auto Correct in Excel is not always a benefit.

Click this, the Auto Correct Options button, and select “Undo.” This turns off the automatic formatting of just that one cell’s date entry.

When you’re ready to go solo and know exactly how you want to format your dates, you can make one change to Excel’s settings and stop the ongoing automatic formatting.

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