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Over the years the show has turned in to a cultural touchstone for any dancer or fan of dance.

It has either produced or featured some of the most accomplished choreographers and dancers in the business, and gave us some truly beautiful and entertaining routines over the past decade plus.

Every dancer looked to be having as grand a time as possible performing with everyone again, and the sharpness of the costuming made it seem as if they had dressed up specifically for this occasion as if it were a gala only they got to enjoy.

For a show that will be mostly crowd favorite performances being done for the second time, this was a nice splash of originality to start off the night.

Nigel has been outwardly pessimistic in regards to a potential renewal, possibly the most publicly in doubt I have ever seen a producer.

Instead of his usual platitudes about people loving the show and being confident about another season, he has turned to what seems like begging for the audience to start a write-in campaign the likes of which is only seen after a beloved show has been axed.

All the hype and lack of critiques in the world won’t lead me to believe Ricky from this season was better than Melanie or Eliana or Chehon or Jeanine.

Angelina Granitz: Shyness is one of the biggest turn offs for an audience when a dancer comes on stage and it initially turned me off in a big way before she even began her performance.He, too, had trained with their mother Denise Wall (who also trained Jaimie Goodwin, a season 3 contestant). To see all of Wall's performances from Season 2, click here.After SYTYCD, Travis joined the show’s future seasons as guest choreographer, creating many of the contemporary dance routines performed by future seasons’ contestants.The show is at the point where there isn’t enough talent to make me wish there could be more seasons and we have been gifted with such great seasons in the past I feel that I am at a very content place when confronted with the possibility of this being the end of the road.FOX quite clearly slashed the budget in a big way this season which doesn’t leave much to the imagination when considering what discussions behind the scenes must be like.

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He teaches students contemporary dance at NUVO, a dance convention that tours the nation.

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