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Teenage sex hookup

But supercharged doses of hormones influence more than just physicality — they also engender changes in mood and emotion.

“We are far less accepting of pressured sex.” Helen Fisher, an anthropologist at Rutgers University, told the that she sees the choosiness trend as more likely a positive development for today's young adults than their romantic downfall. I think [taking it slowly] is going to lead to better first marriages" (and perhaps to slower divorce rates than, for example, the Boomers'). “I’m positive of that.” Fisher also pointed out that millennials on the whole have been working especially hard (often unpaid) to pursue professional development and their uniquely lofty goals, which can certainly cut into the time and effort required for romance.

“For a lot of folks who are of average appearance, marriage and stable relationships was where they were having sex ...

[and dating apps may be] leaving some people with fewer choices and they might be more reluctant to search for partners at all.”  explores, experts' reactions to such studies are a mix of hot and cold.

“It’s a highly motivated, ambitious generation,” she said.

“A lot of them are afraid that they’ll get into something they can’t get out of and they won’t be able to get back to their desk and keep studying.”, however, the tech sector is starting to sizzle with would-be remedies for the ongoing crisis of how Millennials get down (or don't).

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