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Taylor swift and stephen colletti dating

But, not everyone enjoyed the reality limelight as much as they did. After Laguna Beach ended, Colletti did, in fact, go to San Francisco State University — that wasn't just a plot point. You know, the guy who lost his virginity to Brooke Davis and grew up to be the friendliest and swoon-worthiest bartender in all of Tree Hill?

Namely, Stephen "Steeeeee-phhheeennnn" Colletti, who for all intents and purposes, quit the reality circuit completely after making a cameo in an episode of The Hills. Colletti hung around OTH for four years until it ended in 2012, which is a solid TV run for someone who started out as just a surfer dude on a reality show.

I'm sure I don't have to tell any Swift fan that she's really stepped up her game with the videos from her new album 1989, but how do the rest of her music videos stack up when compared to one another?

It's a hard question to answer, but, as a journalist, I felt it was my duty to try.

Swift has changed quite a lot as an artist over the past decade — but, while her music has morphed from country ballads to synth-pop, there is one thing that has stayed pretty consistent: and that's her on-point music videos.

Colletti is currently promoting a movie he seems to be particularly proud of, a short called Celluloid Dreams.Most recently he totally "geeked" out over attending Comic-Con. I still remember the first time I saw a Taylor Swift music video.I was in my friend's bedroom where we were watching random music videos on a site that definitely wasn't You Tube, and probably no longer exists.A video featuring a pretty, curly-haired blonde laying in the grass with a guitar began playing — in other words, the video for Swift's song "Tim Mc Graw." That moment was the very first time I had ever seen Swift, let alone heard her music — but it wasn't long before I was obsessed with her.

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Here is the definitive ranking of Swift's music videos — because no matter where they fall on this list, they're always a good time: If you haven't seen Swift perform live, these videos — which consists mostly of concert footage — will make you seriously jealous of all the people who did.

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