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Sql validating data against data type

Expressions can also perform mathematical operations. For example, the expression You can add a field validation rule and/or a record validation rule.A field validation rule checks input to a field, and is applied when the focus leaves the field.Data types are not optional, and provide the most basic type of data validation.For more information about data types, field sizes, and input masks, see the article Introduction to data types and field properties.These rules are generally defined in a data dictionary or are implemented through data validation software.You can vet or validate data in Access desktop databases as you enter it by using validation rules.

This is achieved through data validation's checks and rules that routinely check for the validity of data.Typically, you use a form validation rule instead of a field validation rule if the rule was specific only to that form and not to the table no matter where it was used.This article explains how to use validation rules and validation text in table fields and form controls.Your validation rules can contain expressions — functions that return a single value.You can use an expression to perform calculations, manipulate characters, or test data. For example, an expression can check for one of a series of values, such as "Tokyo" Or "Moscow" Or "Paris" Or "Helsinki".

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You can define validation rules for table fields and for controls on forms.