Social psychology research dating violence retired dating

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Social psychology research dating violence

Topics include prosocial behavior and solidarity between members of different groups, how people respond to group-based violence and victimization, and psychological processes during and in the aftermath of genocide.

Researchers in this group use various methods, ranging from experiments and surveys to content analyses of interviews and archival materials, including oral testimonies.

All graduate students and faculty from the program meet weekly at our Social Forum, for which students receive course credit.More generally, we examine the interaction of individual differences and social structures in producing and reflecting political attitudes, behavior, and health.We pay particular attention to how human experience—thought, behavior, feelings— is shaped by history and intersectionality of group memberships, and how social structure reinforces power relations.All first year graduate students take the following courses: In addition, all social psychology students typically take Psyc 308 (Social Forum) every semester.Other (elective) courses include occasional graduate courses as well as joint graduate and undergraduate courses (Capstone seminars) in social and cultural psychology, such as: These courses are supplemented by directed studies.

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Research in Intergroup Conflict and Cooperation (RICC) (Vollhardt): This group consists of undergraduate and graduate students working on research related to intergroup conflict and cooperation.

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