Single women dating divorced dad sample online dating profile

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We support each other and co-parent because our kids are what matters, not us.

We respect and admire one another as parents and people, regardless of the fact that we didn't work out.

You say that you want to be the center of attention?

Well, when I don't have my children, you have my undivided attention.

You see, a good father offers everything a woman who truly wants to be loved could desire, yet because we have children, you too often run away.

Even married women wish for this one thing a single father can provide.

We don't have our kids all the time, so we can offer more of that time to you.

I adore my kids but dreaded the moment that I dropped that bomb on the women I was talking to. “Yes they have two different moms,” I text back with a sigh.

I was that guy on dating websites who was once afraid to mention my kids in my profile because no one would match me, and I always felt awful about it.

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