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But it was all this personal information that I did not know how these people got.

I did not give it to them and never heard of [them] before.” The article claims that Serena was far from the only one whose personal information had been compromised.

Does it apply only to written letters or is an electronic email also included? The Cherem Rabbeinu Gershom not to read someone else’s mail is found in the responsum of the Maharam Mi Rottenberg Vol. It is further cited in the responsum of the Maharam Mintz (Siman 102), the Kol Bo (Siman 116), and the Be’er Ha Golah at the end of chapter 334 of the Yore Deah section of Shulchan Aruch.

For more contemporary Poskim who deal with the Cherem Rabbeinu Gershom – see Dayan Weiss zt”l in his Minchas Yitzchak (Vol. The Maharam Ben Chaviv (1654-1696) in his responsa (Kol Gadol Siman 102) delineates the basis for Rabbeinu Gershom’s enactment.

While the LA Shidduch shadchanim work primarily with Persian Jews in the Los Angeles, they have established networks with observant Jews in other cities and communities as well.

(By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for It was a story that was broken by Avital Chizhik Goldschmidt of the Forward, but first appeared on a Facebook page called “Frum Girl Problems.” Allegedly, a shidduch oriented entity advertises itself as having over 3000 quality shidduch resumes – but has obtained these resumes without the permission of the singles involved. The article quotes a single woman named Serena – who received an email from the entity that announced that her personal information had been added to a website she had never heard of – she was shocked.

The shadchanim adhere to high standards of tzniut and privacy, and they are endorsed by a number of leading rabbis in the Los Angeles Jewish community.To be fair, some have claimed that the organization is a legitimate one that just wants to help singles – and that it is lashon hara to say anything against them.Nonetheless, the website is still up and if there is a halachic problem involved – it should be taken down immediately.The Mahari Chagiz (1620-1674) in his Halachos Ketanos (Vol.I #276) explains that it is a violation of lo sailech rachil b’amecha – do not be a gossiper among the Jewish nation.

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LA Shidduch is an organization that is committed to helping observant singles to work through the steps of finding the right match in a timely and productive manner.

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