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“When you go out to dinner put down your damn phone and don’t talk about work or the laundry or the broken toilet.

And above else, never be boring.”Don't forget to flirt. “Even after years of marriage, having babies, losing jobs… Another puts it more bluntly: “Look at [your husband] like you want to fuck him.”Never underestimate the importance of lingerie.

“Justice for Women”; “We Won’t Remain Silent”; “The Shame Should Switch Sides” read some of the signs held by French demonstrators, who were predominantly women.

In Paris, protesters gathered at the Place de la Republique square under a grayish rainy sky, responding to a call that spread globally last week on social networks under the hashtag #Me Too.

The hashtag has been used by millions of women across the world to share their experiences of sexual harassment and abuse on Twitter and rolling posts on Facebook.

Among those at the rally in Paris was 88-year-old Vivianne Rouis, who attended with her daughter and granddaughter. “It’s less and less taboo in our society and I think it’s important that women, and even men, who are abused, speak about it more freely,” said Luana da Costa, 17.

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