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The previous night I had been a willing participant in a one on one nude wrestling match in my hotel suite. I pinned her to the mattress with a rock hard cock in her wet willing tight pussy. Missy pinned me to the sofa and had her way with me while I man mauled her breasts, teased her nipples with my teeth and our tongues dueled.

Missy and I wrestled, for the first time, initially on the bed and then, as the night progressed, all over the suite. I pounded her to screaming orgasm after orgasm, her body wrapped around mine like no other. I took her on the carpet, she on her knees as I entered her from behind, my hands on her hips keeping her from escaping the impalement of my thick long cock deep in her ass.

She shook and shivered as she continued to hump my face but I would not let her go; I wanted her to surrender her body to me. Missy had agreed to join me while I was humping her tight ass.

Missy was truly the fuck of my life, to this point anyway, and as Steve Perry of Journey sang back in the 80s, "Any way you want it that's the way you need it ..." I delivered the goods to Missy. She screamed; she shook; she shivered; she cried; she held me tightly, and on several occasions she gushed, wetting whatever we happened to be fucking on. Missy laughed at each deposit and spread my batter all over her with her hands and then licked her fingers like she was in middle of a bucket of chicken that had just been delivered by The Colonel.

The question about which hole she preferred was an interesting puzzle to solve, but in the middle of the hottest sex session I'd ever been in with only one female, it was just a fleeting question for a moment. That's KFC for those who don't remember the white bearded guy who made the brand famous way back when.

Missy apparently drifted back to sleep after I deposited that load at am. Back in November I swore to myself as I noticed her lipstick on her coffee cup if she ever blew me it would be with that lipstick on. And, now, waiting to board the plane, now that my morning business session was over, (it was a success), I spoke to the captain and co-captain who assured me that we had a smooth flight ahead of us and that they would respect our privacy.

The pretty female pilot did say to me that they would need to leave the cockpit to use the restroom in flight but that they would give me some advance notice.

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Deep full strokes in that heavenly warm wet tight pussy.

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