Saudi arabia dating friends 2016

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For some this is an adventure and a chance to mix with people with a very different background and culture whilst for others it is a chore of immense proportions.Life in Saudi Arabia If you are living in Saudi Arabia and from the west then you are probably living in a comfortable villa on a western compound with the facilities that would normally be found on a small holiday camp in the Costa Del Sol.Remember this is only a very basic level introduction to Saudi culture and the people; it can not account for the diversity within Saudi Arabian society and is not meant in any way to stereotype all Saudi people you may meet!It is used in business and is a compulsory second language in schools.

Prayers are observed 5 times per day and everything stops, I mean everything; stores close, businesses stop and everyone goes to pray in the mosque, in the office or even in the street.A land of many opportunities and at the same time many disappointments. Most of us expats have come to Saudi Arabia for one reason, Money, the root of all evil as some would say, and something that some would say the Saudi’s have more than their fair share of due to the Oil found beneath their sands.But this wealth has led to an opportunity for many of us to come and work in this ultra-religious and very private society.In Saudi, there are differences between the dialects spoken in urban areas and those spoken in rural areas as well as between those in the West, East and South.[Originally, the "ardah" was performed only by males of tribes of the central Nejd region before going to war, but nowadays it is done at celebrations, weddings, and national and cultural events by males.][Kapsa/Kabsa is a staple in the Saudi diet. Chicken is usually eaten for lunch and lamb/mutton/goat for dinner.

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