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(Please excuse the masculine ego in this introduction, it is the only one I have. When her father tells her that she had to be punished, she asks him to punish her with kisses. 199-200 The heroine is spanked as part of love play. 35: Jed pulls feisty Melissa over his saddle in front of him and slaps her small rump twice with his gloved hand.

I do recognize the absolute essentiality of our female comrades to our interest.) Who among us can’t remember looking the word spanking up in as many dictionaries as we had access to. (h) Bayer, William, PUNISH ME WITH KISSES, Pocket, 1980.

44 Author recalls her mother spanking her when she was 7 in front of her brother with a hairbrush. 131 Her sister throws a tantrum and is spanked by a man. 348-9 Hero uses a length of bamboo on the heroine’s naked backside. 373 A man gives his fiancee a long overdue spanking.

Not even this bibliography can contain every book in which somebody gets a slap on the behind or a threat of a slap or a spanking. 142 Cordelia innocently violates Islamic law, she is publically caned, but her clothes are not removed. When spanking him for an infraction, the observant narrator notices that the boy is really a girl. 70 A woman has her dress ripped off, her panty hose peeled off and is spanked. 138-145 A teenage girl relates a series of spankings given her by her uncle.

I tried to include those books with scenes which would appeal to somebody as obsessed as I am. 39 Audrina hears Vera being spanked on the bare with a belt by her father, the father denies that he did it. 89 Audrina sees her father spank Vera on her panties. (p) Annandale, Barbara, HIGH BARBAREE, Ballantine,1980. From then on he spanks her, he spanks other hers, and she is spanked by other hims. 190-1 A woman gets fed up and spanks a thirteen year old girl, and tells her that she will do it again whenever it’s needed. Balkey, Rita, PASSION’S DISGUISE, Zebra Heartfire, 1988. 212-3 A woman gets publically switched on her bare bottom as part of a plot to fool the Redcoats. (h) Bart, Peter, and Denne Peiticlerc, DESTINIES, Doubleday, 1951. 254 The hero plays a game with his girlfriend in which they act out the way famous scenes in literature should have ended. (h) Bass, Ellen, I NEVER TOLD ANYONE, Colophon, 1983. 71 The author remembers a childhood occasion on which she and her two brothers were to be spanked.

The man is very dense in the face of this womanly provocation. 221 Maia watches a woman being whipped and finds herself strangely excited. 250 Maia herself gets spanked by the High Counselor.

He turns down the opportunity she is handing him and then has the colossal gall to say that spanking is alright for children but she is a woman!!!

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11 A mother tells her children of how she was spanked by her mother. 40 The narrator recalls when his mother spanked him.

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