Professional woman dating

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Every woman I know in San Francisco says the same thing.“He has to be this much taller and make this much more money. No date is dinged for being 5’5” or pursuing a career as a yogini.”Charles was right.

After all, we no longer live in the 1950s and need someone to provide for us.She is an embryo,” said Vickie who is recently divorced, runs 2 companies, and only wants to date men more successful than her ex husband to “teach him a lesson.”“It’s not fair…all the good men are either happily married or happily dating down.There is no one left for us,” said Charlie, perpetually single.I can buy my own champagne and my own bikini wax, thank you very much. I’d challenge every female to ask themselves the following hard questions about what matters in a partnership.1.Is a professional career what makes someone successful?

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She only dates ivy leaguers, even though she went to Chico State.

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