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Posted by / 28-Jun-2020 08:05

I have been asked for cheques to cover rent for a property I take tenancy from in June 2011.Post dated cheques have been requested by quarterly instalments to cover the entire years rent. If you've any queries once you've read my answer do ask.The lies in the banker paying a post-dated cheque and subsequently dishonouring another cheque which ought to have been paid but had to be returned due to lack of funds.

It causes inconvenience to all parties - drawer, drawee and payee.When satisfied, kindly click the Green ACCEPT button.It is not an offence under UK law to post date a cheque.The only way to guarantee they’ll actually work is to pay extra fees to your bank.If you’re unwilling or unable to pay your bank to monitor your account, you’re at the mercy of whoever you give the check to.

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