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Partnership liquidating distribution detailed example

Thus, Professor Manning suggests that the parties should agree to accelerate §736(a) payments before §736(b) payments, thus, not taking the hot assets (i.e., no ordinary income taxation upfront) into account right away while the partnership distributes §736(b) payments to the retiring partner in later tax years.

Payments to a retiring partner under §736 must first be divided between payments under §736(a) and §736(b). Section 751(b) does not apply to payments made to a retiring partner to the extent that, under §736(a), such payments constitute a distributive share of partnership income or guaranteed payments.When a partner in a business partnership retires with a buyout agreement in place, the buyout agreement typically requires either a sale of the retiring partner’s interest to the remaining partners (a cross purchase agreement) or a redemption of the retiring partner’s interest by the partnership.If the partnership does not have unrealized receivables or substantially appreciated inventory, the choice to the retiring partner between a cross purchase (a sale by the retiring partner) or a liquidating distribution is generally income tax neutral.Thus, the general rule, as evidenced by the example, is that the §736(b) liquidating payments are reported according to the cash-basis, cost-recovery to subject the deferred payment redemption of a partnership interest with hot assets to the installment reporting provisions of §453.

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Thus, in effect, 10 percent ($18,000 inventory basis/$180,000 value) of each payment is a recovery of Kosar’s outside basis and the rest is ordinary income.

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