Parenting teenage girls dating older boys Videochat mature gratis

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Parenting teenage girls dating older boys

When my kids were this age, my rules were that they needed to let me know if they were going to be out past midnight so I wouldn't worry.I did not have any rules about who could come over or how often or for how long, but I was not comfortable letting their girlfriends sleep over and I told them that and they honored that.That's how they learn and grow into responsible adults! Our 19 year-old-old son is a brilliant underachiever who has the intellect (but not the grades) to have attended just about any college he chose. He announced last week that he needs ''a break'' and did not register for Spring semester.He has a part time job bagging groceries and spends the rest of his time playing video games.Let him know that if he needs any assistance such as help connecting with needed resources, you'll be happy to lend a hand.

As for the relationship, there is not a lot you can do about an 18-year-old's choice in the boyfriend department. Criticizing the boyfriend is going to backfire (and criticizing the graffiti is the same as criticizing the boyfriend.) She is considered an adult now. If so, I think it is reasonable to have rules about how often the BF comes over and how late he stays.

But otherwise, you are entering a new territory where you have an adult living at your house who really is entitled to her own ideas about who she sees, and when and how often.

Not to say you can't have house rules - you can and you should.

You can have conversations with your daughter about the legality of it all, but maybe also share with her that you understand and appreciate its value as an art form (if, in fact, you do).

This sets a common framework that you both agree on its artistic value (some of the skill required to get certain effects with a spray can is really impressive).

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