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Me, Myselfie & I Santa Monica Beach Peach Time For a Napa Excuse Me, Big Sur! Meet My Decorator Fire Escape Rendezvous Got the Mean Reds Can’t Read Without My Lipsticks We the Female CIA – Color is Awesome Inside the Isabellet Way Kerry Blossom Live in the Gray Madame President Pale to the Chief Freedom of Peach Never a Dulles Moment Yank My Noodle Squeaker of the House Stay off the Lawn!! Small Cute = ♥ Spoken from the Heart Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel Super Cute in Pink My Twin Mimmy 5 Apples Tall My Pal Joey Never Have Too Mani Friends!

Barking Up the Wrong Sequoia Feeling Frisco Sweet Carmel Sunday Don’t Take Yosemite For Granite Two-Timing the Zones Living on the Bula-Vard! Suzy – The First Lady of Nails Shh..it’s Top Secret! Love is in My Cards Ro-Man-ce on the Moon Guys & Galaxies I’m in the Moon for Love Cosmo with a Twist Give Me Space Center of the You-niverse Super Star Status I Drive a Super Nova By the Light of the Moon Comet Closer Is This Star Taken? My Gecko Does Tricks Go with the Lava Flow Do You Take Lei Away? Aloha from OPI Suzi Shops & Islands Hops Just Lanai-ing Around Hello Hawaii Ya?

************************************************ 2019 2018 Dancing Keeps Me on My Toes Tinker, Thinker, Winker? My Solar Clock is Ticking I Love You Just Be-Cusco Alpaca My Bags Yes My Condor Can-do! Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milkshakes Rydell Forever (leather-like) Electryfyin’ Pink (leather-like) Grease is the Word (leather-like) Suzi Chases Portu-geese Lisbon Wants Moor Tagus in the Selfie!

Dreams Need Clara-fication March in Uniform Dazzling Dew Drop Envy the Adventure Lavendare to Find Courage Berry Fairy Fun Toying with Trouble Candied Kingdom Ginger’s Revenge Black to Reality Gold Key to the Kingdom I Pull the Strings Dreams on a Silver Platter Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains Machu Peach-u Lima Tell You About This Color! Seven Wonders of OPI Don’t Toot My Flute Grandma Kissed a Gaucho Hopelessly Devoted to OPI Pink Ladies Rule the School You’re the Shade That I Want Tell Me About it Stud Summer Lovin’ Having a Blast! You’ve Got Nata on Me Sun, Sea and Sand in My Pants Closer Than You Might Belem Tile Art to Warm Your Heart No Turning Back on Pink Street Made it to the Seventh Hill Now Museum, Now You Don’t A Red-vival City We Seafood and Eat It 2017 Snow Glad I Met You Ornament to Be Together Coalmates Holidazed Over You Feel the Chemis-tree Wanna Wrap?

OPI by Popular Vote Let Me Bayou a Drink Humidi-Tea Suzi Nails New Orleans I Manicure for Beads Spare Me a French Quarter? Got Myself into a Jam-balaya Crawfishin’ for a Compliment Take a Right on Bourbon I’m Sooo Swamped! Infrared-y to Glow Let Your Love Shine Ce-less-tial is More Press * for Silver Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Meteorite No More Mr. This Color’s Making Waves Lost My Bikini in Molokini Pineapples Have Peelings Too! Endurance Race to the Finish From Here to Eternity Get Ryd-of-thym Blues Girls Without Limits Grapely Admired In Pursuit of Purple Indignantly Indigo It Never Ends Maintaining My Sand-ity Never Give Up!

Night Sky Glow the Extra Mile Substantially Tan Hold Out for More Endless Purple Pursuit Linger Over Coffee Stick to Your Burgundies Indefinitely Baby If You Persist… No Stopping Me Now Pretty Pink Perseveres Raisin the Bar Relentless Ruby Running With the In-finite Crowd Set in Stone She Went On and On and On Staying Neutral Steel Waters Run Deep Strong Coal-ition Tanacious Spirit To Infinity & Blue-yond To the Finish Lime! Privacy Please Romantic Retreat Room Service Rose Petals Second Honeymoon Silk Negligee Sweet Memories Sweetie Pie Tickets to paradise 18K Ginza Gold Color of the Zentry Don’t Be Koi With Me Dress to Empress Have a Tempera Tan-Trum Holy Pink Pagoda!

You Sustain Me Stick It Out Defy Explanation Berry On Forever Great Opera-tunity It’s A Piazza Cake Worth A Pretty Penne Tiramisu For Two Amore At The Grand Canal Gimme A Lido Kiss Be There In A Prosecco I Cannoli Wear OPI Gelato On My Mind Purple Palazzo Pants O Suzi Mio My Gondola Or Yours? Unequivocally Crimson Unrepentantly Red We’re in the Black Withstands the Test of Thyme You Can Count on It GLOSS Top Coat PRIMER Base Coat Just Be Claus Kiss Me-Or Elf! O’Leary’s BBQ My Kind of Brown O’Hare & Nails Look Great! Let them Eat Rice Cakes Miso Happy With This Color Most Honorable Red Osaka-to-Me Orange Suzi Sells Sushi by the Seashore You’re Such a Kabuki Queen 2004 At Your Quebec and Call Canadian Maple Leaf Chocolate Moose Don’t Wine… Glacier Bay Blues Mauving to Manitoba Niagra Falls for OPI Nice Color, Eh?

Can’t Afjord Not To Suzi Has a Swede tooth How Great is Your Dane? Don’t Pretzel My Buttons Don’t Talk Bach to Me Every Month is Oktoberfest German-icure by OPI My Very First Knockwurst Nein! **) A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find Bling Dynasty Chop-sticking to My Story Dim Sum Plum Hot & Spicy Jade is the New Black Lucky Lucky Lavender Meet Me on the Star Ferry Panda-monium Pink Pearl of Wisdom Red My Fortune Cookie Suzi Says Feng Shui Balalaika Burgundy Brilliant at the Ballet Meet Me in St Basil’s Moscow Loves OPI My Matryoshka New Color in Old Arbat Ruby Stars Samovar-y Nice to Be Here See You At the Circus That’s Un-blini-vable! Aragon Tomorrow Manicurist of Seville No Spain No Gain Pamplona Purple Pink Flamenco Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees Berry Berry Broadway (F/W 2000 “New York City” Collection) Cancún Fiesta (1989 OPI Nail Lacquer Launch Collection) Copper Mountain Copper (Fall/Winter 1995 “Winter Resort” Collection) D. Cherry Blossom (Fall/Winter 1990 “9091” Collection) Florentine Fuchsia (Fall/Winter 1991 “International” Collection) French Bordeaux (Fall/Winter 1991 “International” Collection) Kinky in Helsinki (Fall/Winter 2002 “European” Collection) Mediterranean Moonlight (Spring/Summer 1994 “Mediterranean” Collection) Purple-opolis (Spring/Summer 2004 “Greek Isles” Collection) Sahara Sapphire (Spring/Summer 1998 “Painted Desert” Collection) Shootout at the O. Coral (Spring/Summer 1995 “American” Collection) Venus di Violet (Spring/Summer 2001 “Collezione Italiana” Collection) Bronzed To Perfection Clubbing Til Sunrise Conga-Line Coral Done Out In Deco Feelin’ Hot-Hot-Hot! Overexposed In South Beach Paint My Moji-Toes Red Party In My Cabana Sand In My Suit Suzi & The Lifeguard 2008 A Ruby For Rudolph Baby It’s “Coal” Outside! Girls Just Want To Play Glamour Game Little Red Wagon Play ‘Til Midnight Red Hot Gift Rosy Mistletoe-sies “Sheer” Your Toys! A Oui Bit Of Red Baguette Me Not Bastille My Heart Crepes Suzi-Ette Eiffel For This Color I’m Fondue Of You Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not Parlez-Vous OPI? London Bridge is Falling Brown My Throne for a Cranberry Scone 3 Plums, I Win! Dulce de Leche Ecuadorable Coral Galapa-ghost La Paz-itively Hot Peru-B-Ruby Santiago Sangria Senorita-Rosalita The Thrill of Brazil Up The Amazon Without A Paddle Vanilla-zuela 2001 OPI & Apple Pie 20 Candles on My Cake Belize it or Not!

Opt for a bright, cherry red rather than a burgundy this season.

The classic salon staple is a vibrant and unexpected splash of color - and one that happens to be flattering on any skin tone.

Meet a Boy Cute as Can Be Teal Me More, Teal Me More Was it All Just a Dream? The Color That Keeps On Giving Sending You Holiday Hugs Adam Said “It’s New Year’s, Eve” My Wish List is You Top the Package with a Beau Gift of Gold Never Gets Old Icelanded a Bottle of OPI I’ll Have a Gin & Tectonic Aurora Berry-alis This Isn’t Greenland Check Out the Old Geysirs Less is Norse Suzi & the Arctic Fox Turn on the Northern Lights One Heckla of a Color!

Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots That’s What Friends Are Thor Krona-logical Order This is Not Whine Country GPS I Love You Malibu Pier Pressure To the Mouse House We Go! I Can Never Hut Up Super Trop-i-cal-i-fiji-istic Suzi Without a Paddle Coconuts Over OPI No Tan Lines Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet 2016 I Believe in Manicures Girls Love Pearls Five-and-Ten Apartment for Two Rich & Brazilian Black Dress Not Optional Breakfast at Tiffany’s Sunrise…Bedtime!

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My Dogsled is a Hybrid Next Stop…The Bikini Zone Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around Taupe-less Beach I Sao Paulo Over There OPI Scores a Goal! Walk on Tverskaya Winter Palace Wine Ate Berries in the Canaries Barefoot in Barcelona Bullish on OPI Can You Tapas This? Tickle My France-Y We’ll Always Have Paris Yes…I Can-Can! Black Chutney Charmed By A Snake Curry Up Don’t Be Late Elephantastic Pink Get Me To The Taj On Time I’m Indi-A-Mood For Love Keys To My Karma Lunch At The Delhi Monsooner Or Later Moon Over Mumbai Royal Rajah Ruby Yoga-Ta Get This Blue! Hollywood Blonde I’d Like to Thanks I’ve “Red” The Script My Big Break No Autographs Please Pretty At The Premiere Seasons Screenings Stars in my Eyes Who are you Wearing? Apricot-cha Cheating A-Rose at Dawn…Broke By Noon Bet it All on OPI Cha-Ching Cherry Chapel of Love Down To My Last Penny It’s Sheer Luck Las Vegas Strip Poker Nice Hand…Great Nails Royal Flush Blush Tuape-less Show Girls 2002 Glim-Merry Gold Glitter Top Coat I Love the Holidays! Glitter Top Coat Merryberry Mauve Merryberry Mauve Glitter Top Coat Nutcracker Sweet Nutcracker Sweet Glitter Top Coat Silver Snowflakes Glitter Top Coat Sugarplum Yum Sugarplum Yum Glitter Top Coat A Man in Every Port-Ugal Amster-damsel in Distress Basque In The Sun Can’t-A-Berry Have Some Fun Changing of the Garnet Euro-Mazing! Black Tie Optional Grape Wall of China Int’l Date Line Mat-Adore Red Muave-A-Rita, Por Favor Out of This World Outback Aphrodisiac Queen of D’Nile Russian To A Party All Rose Lead to Rome Arrivederci Cara Mia Crimson Hey Vito, Is My Car Red-Y?

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