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There are many cases where x Scope has to align to a pixel boundary.I found myself using this pattern many times throughout NSBezier Path *line = [NSBezier Path bezier Path]; [line set Line Width:pixel Width]; [line move To Point: NSMake Point(point.x point Offset, 0.0); [line line To Point: NSMake Point(point.x point Offset, 100.0); [line stroke]; , but in my experience it’s much more common to need aligned NSPoint values when you’re doing custom drawing.As I alluded to on Episode 14 of The Talk Show, this update was harder than most.

The team at Apple has done some amazing work making sure output looks stunning on the Retina display, but being able to get high-resolution input is definitely lacking. The first is that mouse coordinates can be reported for coordinates that do not exist on any attached screen.The pain here is that it immediately introduces a dependency between windows and views.For example, the position indicator windows need to know if the view they’re hovering over has had its bounds origin shifted.Nothing worked so I installed a 3rd party app to do the job of finder instead https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/commander-one-free-dual-pane/id1035236694?Today we released an update for x Scope that supports the Retina display.

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Creating an NSRect just to align the origin is a pain.