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Not only did he not report it, he allowed himself and his paper to be manipulated by information JFK had wrongly obtained. Nixon’s dirty tricks and enemy lists may have been creepy and wrong, but the press exposure of these misdemeanors came after years of ignoring similar and worse malfeasance by Democrat administrations. That transforms it from a heroic crusade into a political hit job, Democrat hackery masquerading as nobility.

If Watergate could so transform the nation’s sense of itself, why did those previous abuses, which were equally well known to the press, not do so? His shutdown of a massive drug investigation to appease Iran? Obama was, as almost every mainstream outlet has declared, ‘scandal free.’” Read the whole thing.

Somebody bugged Barry Goldwater’s apartment during the 1964 election without it triggering a national trauma.

The Johnson administration tapped the phones of Nixon supporters in 1968, and again nothing happened. Kennedy regaled reporters with intimate details from the tax returns of wealthy Republican donors, and none of the reporters saw anything amiss.

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For one thing, the decline in trust begins to appear in the polls as early as 1966, almost a decade before the Watergate was known as anything more than a big hole in the ground alongside the Potomac River.

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