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Mount st helen dating

Seismologists usually use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) to avoid confusion arising from mixing observations from different time zones.This can also be referred to as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).During eruptions and eruption precursor periods earthquakes are even shallower.There have been a few times during the past thirty years that there have been many earthquakes in the depth range 1-7 km.Measured from the epicenter (in degrees), the largest azimuthal gap between azimuthally adjacent stations.

A measure of how well network seismic stations surround the earthquake.The "Time" and "Depth" determines whether earthquake age or depth are used to color the symbol.Location in geographic coordinates (as Latitude, Longitude in decimal degrees) of the position on Earth's surface directly above where an earthquake rupture initiated.Keep in mind that the PNSN earthquake recording and processing system changed in very major ways starting in 2012 and thus there can be small biases or changes introduced in event detection, location and size.We think these changes are very small but one should still be aware of this possibility.

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