Motorola 6412 iii firmware updating

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Motorola 6412 iii firmware updating

The second binary package I built (where I just changed something really minor and unrelated) did *not* have this issue HD playback question folks, is there any setting in myth that we can modify where it will allow delay the playing of the recorded show for like 5 secs so that it can buffer more data? I can not get the remote to work whne I am viewing video through mplayer (eg: watching dvd rips throught mythvideo/dvd plugins), I have mplayer commands in ~/.mplayer/lircrc but still nothing.The reason I ask this is because, sometimes, when I play HD, it jerks. it seems to me that lirc is detecting the "mplayer" frame or something.robbins876: do you have live tv recordings shown?I'd like to add it to a script to record off the svideo input on a pvr-150 (so I can record off a camcorder with an icon on the desktop, for instance)Grey Foxx: hmm nice, i always wondered if it might be worth looking in to, when i get an apartment i've thought about doing that for any extra computers i get simply because its cheaper and a fun thing to setupin regards to my earlier issues with the mythweb problems, and the error about mysql, and php, rerunning dpg-reconfigure php4-mysql, and then restarting mysql and apache, resolved the issue. However, it does not do it automagically, I actually had to ssh into it and run mythcommflag. Would I be guessing right, if I assumed, since I ran the command in a screen session, without the "&" it will continue to commflag as the shows record.In otherwords, If I leave it run, will it continue to work in the background?Order of the help texts does not matter, 40 # however, no variable should be documented twice: if it is, only the 41 # first occurrence will be used.We try to keep the help texts of related 42 # variables close together. To be 43 # nice to menuconfig, limit your line length to 70 characters.

hmm, are there any scripts that can tell if the backend is recording? I have a slave nackend set up at home, and on its mythtv setup, I have it set to do all of the commflagging. My only goal for this slave was for commflagging and transcoding, and eventually maybe adding a tuner card.

28 # 29 # Information about what a kernel is, what it does, how to patch and 30 # compile it and much more is contained in the Kernel-HOWTO, available 31 # at .

38 # The help texts may contain empty lines, but every non-empty line must 39 # be indented two positions.

However, I saw tearing near top of screen or slow refresh when there are very fast scenes. Now it's back to Standard.bttv0: IRQ lockup, cleared int mask [bits: FMTCHG* VSYNC* HSYNC* OFLOW* HLOCK* VPRES* 6* 7* I2CDONE* GPINT* 10* RISCI* FBUS* FTRGT* FDSR* PPERR* RIPERR* PABORT* OCERR* SCERR*] bttv0: SCERROCERR @ ffffffff,bits: FMTCHG* VSYNC* HSYNC* OFLOW* HLOCK* VPRES* 6* 7* I2CDONE* GPINT* 10* RISCI* FBUS* FTRGT* FDSR* PPERR* RIPERR* PABORT* OCERR* SCERR*well here is what happened.

I hosed up my knoppmyth install, I know I can re-install the whole thing including mythtv, in a single partion on my hda1, and then use lvm_recreate to bring back my existing /myth mount point currently residing on hda3, and hdb1 after the OS is re-installed, I wish to bring back all my goodies, like it never happened :-)so if i do a mysqldump, rebuild knoppmyth, re-attach my lvm /myth folder, and then re-import the dump, all my goodies will still be there?

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the only thing you want to make sure of though, if you ever build a frontend only or slave backend box, you should make note of the mysql version you have installed, as they will most likely butt heads my primary desktop im playing alot of games lately, they dont run well/at all in cedega, so i reboot to windows...

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