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With Allah's help, if things work out, the marriage will be official." "Young religious man, 29, working in the UAE, seeks misyar marriage with pretty, religious girl from a well-known tribe, age 14-19.I will pay her 1000 dirhams a month." [6] An additional channel for those seeking misyar marriage is the traditional matchmaker.These marriages fulfill all the conditions [for marriage in Islam]...Perhaps society does not accept them, [but] there is a difference between whether the marriage is socially acceptable and whether they are permitted from the point of view of religious law.The marriages are kept secret from the man's parents, and when he completes his university studies, he is married to another woman chosen for him by his family.She said that half of the requests for misyar marriages are from young men in their 20s.The following are his statements on the issue, on his weekly program Shari’a and Life aired on Al-Jazeera TV: [11] "Misyar marriage meets the need of some women.A woman to whom Allah has given money but has not given an opportunity to marry at a reasonable age consents to it...

The following are several examples: "Young man, 26, from the UAE, seeks misyar marriage to a divorcee, widow, or single woman.

[4] Those opposed to misyar marriage - including the vast majority of women - claim that it exploits the difficult social situation of unmarried women in Arab society, and is designed primarily to sate men's lust, with no concern whatsoever for women's needs and the needs of children born of these marriages.

These non-binding marriages are to a great extent similar to the "pleasure marriages" (in Arabic, mut'a; in Persian, sigheh) that have been accepted in Shi'ite Islam since its beginnings.

[2] Due to the substantial increase in the number of misyar marriages in recent years, and in light of the arguments over this issue among clerics as well as among the public, the Institute of Islamic Religious Law, which is a part of the Muslim World League in Mecca, decided to address the matter.

In a fatwa issued on April 10, 2006, the institute permitted marriages in which "the woman relinquishes a home, financial support, and her part [in joint life] with her husband, or part of it, and consents to the man's coming to her home whenever he wants, day or night." The fatwa also permitted marriages known as "friend" marriages, in which "the girl remains at her family's home and she and the man meet any time they want, either at her home or anywhere else, as they have no [joint] home and livelihood." [3] Such marriages are aimed primarily at meeting the needs of young Muslims in the West, who are influenced by male-female relations around them but who want their relationships to have religious legitimacy.

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Among the reasons given by the women who were in favor of misyar marriages were: the marriages meet the woman's emotional need; the woman is freely available for her other obligations; there is minimal obligation towards the husband; and the woman remains with her family and does not lose this situation if the marriage fails, because separation is simple in the case of incompatibility.

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