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While some women end up marrying single men and starting their own families, some of these women end up as “baby mamas” since the relationship does not always lead to marriage while others end up as junior wives in polygamous homes.Lola Shoneyin’s article gives a description of what women in polygamy go through and the influence it has on children.The same principles apply to married women whose husbands engage in extra marital affairs.The women are usually bitter, crushed and unhappy inside though they seem cheerful outside especially those whose husbands have children from these affairs.I wonder why single women would want to put themselves at such risk.

Now that feminism and women empowerment is in vogue, I wonder why women still have to depend on men for money to provide their needs.I think polygamy is a widespread ideology among women and their preference with men, especially in African countries.However, I do not believe the idea of “one man, one wife” is totally applicable because people have their own life rules, philosophies and patterns to doing things and handling issues.Unlike many other European nations, Bosnian ladies do not consider marriage to a foreigner their number one goal.It means that is you are determined to make a girl from Bosnia your wife, you will have to work for it.

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While I believe women should have the freedom to make their life choices, I’ll my advice is that it is safer for single ladies to stick to one partner.

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