Mandating green building

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Mandating green building

Chapter 10 requires alterations to existing buildings go above and beyond basic green code compliance and requires improvements be made to the existing buildings in the areas water and energy efficiency.

Only if the proposed alterations DO NOT meet one of the stated exceptions in Section 1003.2, then the project does not have to be constructed above and beyond the minimum Ig CC Code requirements.

Compliance Paths Per section 101.3 of Part X of the Baltimore City Building, Fire and Related Codes, the following paths are acceptable choices to meet the green building law.

Any other nationally recognized standard must be pre-approved by the Building Official.

Justification must be noted on statement of compliance form and all work must comply with Ig CC Sections 503, 504, 506, 608, 609, and 702, IF APPLICABLE and identify same on plans and specs.

Today, published by Stuart Kaplow, the blog has expanded to provide news and insights into the broader environmental industrial complex.

Sustainability—the "triple bottom line" of social, environmental, and economic concerns—is how businesses are distinguishing themselves from their competition and strategically positioning themselves for the future.

Concerns about climate change impacts and global energy and water supplies are transforming the legal environments in which businesses operate.

Green Building Standards The Baltimore City Green Construction Code has been in place since April 2015, when Council Bill 14-0413 amended the City's existing mandatory green building law for commercial and multi-family residential buildings.

Benefits of Green Building Green building is on the rise nationally and internationally because of the long-term benefits to owners, occupants, and society as a whole.

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All new permits and all projects submitted for e-plans review, no matter the square footage, must comply with the current green building law.