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Posted by / 04-Jul-2020 12:05

So, if a woman stops sending as many texts does it mean she’s losing interest? Sometimes all it takes is for a girl to take ten minutes longer than she normally does to respond and you just know something is wrong. But something in my gut started ringing the alarm bell. If when she goes home she doesn’t feel a desire to talk about you with her friends or she doesn’t anticipate your texts and sit there waiting for you to call; its only a matter of time before she disappears.

Or her texts just don’t seem to have the same interest level as they used to? Women judge how much they like a guy by how much time she spends thinking about you when you’re not around. That has to be there for a relationship to move forward.

So even if you CAN change your own oil in your car, let him do it for you. Yes, you can have your moments of fear and doubt and uncertainty.

BUT you must keep them to a minimum around your man.

More that we would like you to need us for what we can DO for you. We want to be needed to protect you, and to be a capable, competent, go-to guy in your world.

Like that refrigerator door that doesn’t close quite right any more? If another guy does something for you, we feel slighted and hurt – much the same way you would be if the tables were turned.

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BUT…He also needs to know that you really do NEED him on some level.