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This is not the pseudo-wisdom spewed by bloggers on Buzzfeed! This is because the process is emotionally draining and you don’t want to go into the process and say no. Try to be as unemotional as possible, in this step. In the 15-20 minutes you spend with the person, try to see if this is the person you can live with.Try to use your intuition and ask what the heart tells you.

“Attracting attention means that investors, partners, potential employees from all over the United States and potentially the world are starting to notice these companies and in the process, notice Missoula,” said Pat La Pointe, managing director of Frontier Angels and acting chairman of Early Stage Montana.

Cut out the brain, as you have done your diligence in point 2.

Find out if you strike a bond with the other person. You can ask anything you like – a movie, a food or anything you assume the person might also like. I met like 7 girls, for like on an average 30 min or so.

” will throw up a whole bunch of stale and well-known information that’s beaten to death already.

We believe arranged marriage first meeting tips should be for the contemporary Indian women and men and not for generations from the past!

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In hindsight, it wasn’t a right approach to the most important decision of the life. I was of the opinion that I cannot say ‘YES’ in one meeting. We decided to meet after three days, his reasoning being we will get time to think about what we want to talk about or ask each other. The next two hours were spent talking about the reason for which we were actually meeting.