Lil wayne and nivea dating updating a file using random access

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You are sure to be impressed and surprised by some of the names and faces on this star-studded list of sexy females.

In one song he’s particularly famous for, he sings about wanting to ahem "sleep with" every girl in the world – to put it nicely.

She was also a songwriter and actress and has dabbled in modeling as well.

She and Wayne dated for a short while and even lived together in Miami for a bit back in 2007.

Nivea has Lil Wayne as her main pic on myspace and of course he is in her top friends - in her pic section, she has a million pics of them together.

She even refers to Lil Wayne in a few of her personally written blogs - and thats not all- shes also playing a new song of hers called "I Might" which is about taking somebodys man.

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She also has denied all rumors of her and Wayne ever hooking up- but do we believe her completely on this? One of the many songstresses enchanted and caught up in the Lil Wayne spell is the lovely Miss Farrah Franklin.

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