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My sisters and I all attended a small, private Christian school sponsored by the largest church in town.My dad became a pastor when I was around six or seven, so to say that I was raised in church would be an understatement. I remember the day they taught us what prayer was, and that it meant we were talking to God.

And I knew immediately that it was wrong, that it was dirty, that it was a sin. I knew that how I felt was a deviation from anything our culture could ever and would ever accept.I’ve often said that the south is made up of three Gs: God, Guns, and Georgia Football.If Georgia’s not your team, you could maybe swap that last one for grid-iron, or goals.I went to the church-sponsored school, I went to the Six-Flags-Over-Jesus sized church on Wednesday nights and Sunday nights, and I went to football and basketball games on Fridays, because that’s what kids did in my town. By the time I’d reached sixth grade, I’d given up on God changing my outsides to match how I thought I felt on the inside. Things were going great until suddenly puberty hit, and everything started shifting into focus.I started realizing why it was that all the other girls were talking about Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Devon Sawa, and why it was that I couldn’t care less.

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I shot a documentary short last year with some of my gay and lesbian friends about what life is like outside of the closet here in the deep South.