Learning styles diverging assimilating converging accommodating

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Abstract The paper contains a discussion of Kolb’s Learning Theory and an elaboration of the experiential learning cycle as well as the four staged learning styles.These learning styles which are diverging, accommodating, converging and assimilating are perceived by Kolb to be helpful in aiding the mentor to develop the suitable style for the student.They approach learning cognitively and prefer mind action rather than physical action.They normally ask what in relation to information which they have not yet encountered.Accommodators are concrete experiencers and active experimenters.Their approach to learning is hands-on and they have a strong preference for action rather than merely mind work.

They love complexity and explore through direct interaction.

Kolb noted in his theory that there is a four stage learning cycle wherein the four distinct learning styles are based.

These learning styles attempt to provide an explanation why there is a variety in learning (Smith, 1996).

They also enjoy working with others, participating in activities and receiving constructive feedbacks, however, they are not very good in dealing with conflicts, they usually fret.

Generally, they prefer to learn through a logical instruction, hands-on exploration and intelligent conversations (Changing minds, n.d.).

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The paper also presents the view of academicians like Mirriam Webb and Curtis Kelly on the theory developed by Kolb.