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Jerry cantrell dating

I was personally talking about Layne, but all of the fellows that we’ve lost and all of our friends are included in that section.”You’ve both come from bands where you’re the main guitar player, how has that journey as a two-guitar band been for you in the last 12 years?William: “It’s one of these things, man, we can both do all of whatever we want to do on a record.Both rock so that’s cool but he adds elements of what he does but I’ve been doing things the same way for 31 years so I’m not really gonna change now.So I wouldn’t say it really changed anything about my writing style but it’s nice we can incorporate a lot more with William because he plays and he’s a really good guitar player.

The past is never far away from Alice In Chains, but it’s being carried proudly on into the future…The album title conjures up the Pacific north west and the band’s roots. William: “We were able to have more fun through the entire process than I think we’ve had before and I think going to Seattle had a little bit to do with that.Cantrell has cited his interest in dark musical tones as dating back to this period: "In choir we performed a cappella Gregorian chants from the 14th and 15th centuries.It was scary church music." His choir teacher and drama teacher were, early on, his two greatest motivators toward a career in music.It would sound different so where we find these places to leave room for one another it really elevates the material, at least in terms of making it something it would never have been otherwise.”Jerry, did William’s presence change your songwriting process when he joined the band? He’s his own unique dude and he’s got his own vocal sound.The way he writes and plays guitar is extremely different from me.

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