Jeff macgregor dating game

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Jeff macgregor dating game

Then in October of 1966, ABC moved the series to their Thursday night prime-time schedule at PM to replace "The Tammy Grimes Show" that only survived a few episodes.

The name was changed after one season to "The All New Dating Game" because the format was slightly changed.

It was the first Game Show to enter Reality TV territory, in that the winning couple actually went on a date after the show.

It was so popular in its original run that it inspired a flavor of ice cream.

The closest I came to doing anything that I wanted to do was to try and check and see what industries were just starting out.

There was plastics and television, and I figured television had to be more fun than plastics, in 2004.

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After that, the Dating Game returned for the Fall of 1973 season in syndication with Chuck Woolery as a new host.