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Jake silbermann and van hansis dating

When Noah Mayer arrived in Oakdale in June 2007 and entranced resident gay character Luke Snyder, CBS's As the World Turns "became the first soap to depict a fully realized romantic male couple as an integral part of the show". Noah was at first presented as heterosexual and devoted to girlfriend Maddie Coleman.Within the story, after spending time with Luke, Noah is seen struggling to come to terms with his sexuality, and is often angry and confused.Luke was portrayed by Van Hansis, and Noah was portrayed by Jake Silbermann.

Then his world is turned upside down by an unexpected coincidence. When he gives in to it for once, he ends up hurting someone he didn't realize would become important, a part of him.Driving home one night, Jake Silbermann's car is hit by something.Managing to barely escape with his life, Jake realizes that the animal that attacked him wasn't an animal at all. Having been bitten, he's beginning to change into something not quite human.They are notable for being one of American daytime television's first gay male couples.The two made history on August 17, 2007, when the show "featured the first-ever" gay male kiss in American daytime. daytime television, before; for example, One Life to Live's Billy Douglas (portrayed by a young Ryan Phillippe), but Luke and Noah represented a change in the genre.

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No matter how much he tries he can't forget that day and when he gets a second chance he takes it without a second thought.