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Her name is Chanel West Coast and she’s the “rapping receptionist” at the Fantasy Factory.Honestly I don’t thinks he does much there except provide some eye candy and a really annoying laugh (according to you guys).She appears to be sitting in what looks like a restaurant booth and hints that she is over Herbert, her divorce is still on, and she may soon move on with another man. Who is this mystery woman who is supposedly going to give birth to Vincent Herbert’s love child?While details about Vincent Herbert’s supposed baby and his new girlfriend are not known, Braxton seems to know it all and is pretty upset about it.Herbert co-stars with Braxton in the WE tv reality series, Vincent Herbert is also known as “vinnyherb” by most of his friends, family, and fans.

I really admire how much fun you have even on a day to day basis. is your daily life in all actuallity really that fun as it shows on the tv show? 4you actually work at the factory on a daily basis? Do you feel it could help people who are serious about skating make the transition to skateboarding?

Braxton posted the following message about Herbert’s supposed new girlfriend on Instagram, “Vincent Herbert is Having a baby, and his W***e decided to let me know about it tonight!!

That stupid broke ass w***e should check public records on Christmas before she goes through with it!!

a message on social media that Herbert is all set to have a baby with another woman!

Braxton also shared a video where she is seen sipping a very large cup of tea with Beyonce’s hit song, “Irreplaceable,” playing in the background.

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So as you can tell I was pretty disappointed with the show, I actually liked “Death Valley” more than “Ridiculousness” and honestly the best parts of “Death Valley” were shown in the previews during the VMAs the other night.

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