Ipconfig registerdns not updating

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Ipconfig registerdns not updating

Does the resolving steps change when it is in the domain and when it is not in a domain?

DNS and WINS are present."Our system admins recently changed DNS Servers so the DNS servers IPs had changed if that is of importance.

After I join to the domain, i can no longer ping to the computer B, it tries to ping to the old IP instead.

We have a WINS setting and DNS settings configured on these PCs. Check your DNS host (A) records to make sure computer B is there.

Find your hosts file (%System Root%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts) b. Edit your hosts file (in this case by using notepad): a. I've never used the additional ::1 entry personally but simply used localhost as the first entry.

Hello, We have Windows XP client PCs and Window Server 2003 Servers. Before joining a computer A to the domain I can ping to Computer B (which i changed from old ip to new ip).The command accepts either full connection names or wildcard names. Open notepad (right click and run as administrator) b. Run command prompt as administrator to avoid elevation error b. Ewen The hash is rather like a rem in basic (all that follows after it on that line is ignored). The ::1 localhost loopback entry appears to have been introduced at some stage to allow for newer protocol IPv6, acting in the same way as the localhost entry above it for IPv4. However, it seems it "should be there" for XP onwards.During this time i believe, though not sure, the problem started. This all comes down to not changing the static dns host entries.Why you can ping successfully by name when not on the domain would lead me to thing the dns host/ptr record had been deleted/wkst dns pointer changed and your experience was a result of final name resolution : broadcasts and the unjoined machine answered.

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This utility allows you to get the IP address information of a Windows computer.