Ileostomy dating

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Ileostomy dating

I don't know if he does that because he genuinely looks at this as just a funny part of the human condition that has greatly alleviated his suffering, or if he jokes to put others at ease.Either way, he has a great attitude, and if I were in the market for a partner and I met a guy with a similar disposition, it wouldn't bother me. I think if we just started to go out it would be a turn off for me and unless you were super awesome I would pass.That bag is part of you, it's potentially saved your life; own it. She wasn't right for you but you'll meet someone who doesn't care that you come with extras. Only if he had a sense of humor about it like this one guy I know.He jokes all the time about some of the more unpleasant aspects, like how his bag "farts," or that he excuses himself to play Candy Crush in the bathroom because "as a non-smoker and non-crapper" he feels entitled to at least 2 little breaks during the work day.In fact, I used to hope that it would be a filtering device to keep the jerks at bay… Anyhow, I have had such luck in the dating scene with an ostomy that I began to wonder why.Over the years, I’ve just kind of figured it’s been because I’ve always been so positive about it.

I guess I just wanted to hear confirmation that at least a couple of people wouldn't see it as a dealbreaker.I was wearing my “This is where my ostomy is” tshirt without a jacket, since it was a nice 18 degrees Celsius outside.As I walked past a small group of picketers, I got called over: Obviously, I stopped to explain.So don't take today's rejection, or the people in this thread who say "no" to lead you to a lifelong conclusion that you're out of luck. I try not to take anything personally if a comment comes from people I'm not emotionally connected to.It's easier to just see people say no straight up on here than it was to hear her feebly beat around the bush - she tried to say it in the most gentle way possible and it still felt worse than any other emotion I've experienced before.

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(Yes, I had been and you can click if you haven’t seen it yet).