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He woke up his dad by dumping a bunch of ping pong balls on him.

You can even see his name in the credits while he's onscreen.

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But when Spencer asked him about the dance, Clark said he'd rather just make out with Carly.

After Spencer has a bad experience with a blind date, Carly suggests he should try using an online dating site. Reuben: [to Sam], There's my raspberry soccer ball! Shannon: [speaking to Freddie], I love cheesecake, its like my favorite dessert...

Spencer ends up posting several videos on it with humorous results. Sam: [replying to Reuben], And speaking of crazy flakes, it's you! And try taking a test while she's staring at you like this!

Sam reveals her kiss with Freddie to Carly, the crew accidentally gets Principal Franklin fired, and Spencer discovers he’s dating Gibby’s mom!

Keep up with your i Carly, with these new episodes.

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After a performance of The Englishman Who Was A Terrible Father To His Two Children Named Fuffley And Peeta, Sam delays the closing of the show and handcuffs Carly to a chair and then exclaims "And now duct tape! She thens asks for Seattle-area boys to apply to be Carly's date for the Girl's Choice Dance (the camera zooms in on the gagged Carly, who can't speak but is squealing her objection so Sam puts a plant in front of her). I had no idea that Sam was gonna even have this contest and then I thought, you know, maybe 10 or 15 guys would show up here.

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