Hinduism and inter racial dating

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But what was wrong with the Vedic society was it recognized inequalities among men based on birth and family lineage and proclaimed it to be the will of God.

This line of thought was perpetuated by Vedic scholars for centuries through the authority of scriptures and fear of divine retribution.

To be born in an upper caste is a matter of pride whether the family to which a person belongs deserves it or not.The Hindu caste system was a clever invention of the later Vedic society, justified by a few law makers.The upper castes found it convenient to retain and perpetuate their social and religious distinction and political and economic advantage.The Indian political parties thrive and succeed by appealing to this base emotion of people.There are countless scholars who justify Hindu caste system quoting chapter and verse from the scriptures, ignoring the fact that they were convenient interpolations or authored by bigoted scholars in an otherwise sacred lore to justify a cruel and unjust system using the very authority of God.

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The four main castes recognized by traditional Hindu society based primarily on hereditary occupation are mentioned below.

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