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She was wearing sunshades, blue ray-bands as it were,” said Joe over six years since that day.

“Something intuitive inside of me said that it was Moira.

Many sites claim to be free but hit you with surprise charges after you join. Have you tried all the traditional ways to find someone special in Gibraltar?

In a public place, it is difficult to know someone’s background, whether they are with someone, if they are interested in you or not, so it cuts those corners by virtue of being matched on the app.

We both had access as senior citizens to the GASA swimming pool and met there by coincidence soon afterwards.

It was there where we began to discuss chatting on Facebook.” It was pretty normal from then on for them to watch TV and chat on Facebook simultaneously, discussing the programs as their respective evenings wore away.

But it was a great feeling when we finally opened up about our strong feelings for one another and took the relationship to the next level.” Joseph Adamberry, 71, was never too keen on computers prior to Facebook, but it was that very platform that that provided the first steps to a late, but unbreakable love connection.

Joe first met Moira Moreno 40 years ago when she was partnered with one of the musicians in his band, but hadn’t seen her since then, until one faithful day, “I saw this lady across from St Paul’s Church as I made my way out.

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It can open the doors for relationships to flourish and he is of the opinion that this is exactly what he experienced with Moira, “We were trying to bridge a 40 year gap.