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Free text role play chat

Their patience knows no bounds, and they have my utmost respect for carrying on despite those who make it difficult.

That being said, their excuses are easy to make with an admittedly small playerbase that has been around for many years, some of them even handed a spot as an Immortal - of which there is a baffling amount with how much work is needed to be done that simply isn't.

Vella was a nobody until I set her to be sexually available, in which I found her pulled into a longstanding storyline that had been and possibly still is on hold and on a first name basis with characters that had otherwise completely ignored her regardless of past roleplay.

My perspective had shifted drastically, and not in a good way - it cheapened my views of the MUD and, unfortunately, I had less respect for those who were, In-Character, prominent figures of the community. Gotta say, its something I've noticed with myself, my alts and anything in between.

The end result is a mismanaged bureaucracy that slows down roleplay and player plots.I will probably get fired from the staff body for this post, but at this point, I can't do anything else. Too many to talk about in a review, but that need to be experienced.I particularly love the large world to use and explore, extended colors, and the gmote system that allows you to interact with characters and objects in the same mote.You're also able to turn off the colors if you don't like them.Many choices are available here to customize your experience. If something has put you off of the, the staff appreciate being told so they'll have a chance to change it.

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Before accusations are leveled my way, I have no shame in partaking and, as a writer, have done my fair share of oddities for sheer amusement. I see it as a problem when it is a barrier for roleplay, or what entices those to bring new players into the clique.

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