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Fishpool dating service

1998), which can usefully form the starting point for identification of KBAs.Here we provide a baseline concept for the definition of KBA criteria, demonstrating the necessity and appropriateness of using thresholds for site selection, and outlining a process for setting thresholds for each KBA criterion.Sites are selected using standardized, globally applicable, threshold-based criteria, driven by the distribution and population of species that require site-level conservation.

Several projects have recently been developed to extend the IBA approach to other taxa.

2003), and habitat planning (Tucker and Evans 1997).

Relative to these approaches, KBAs have a finer grain, and they should be seen as complementary to and nested within larger-scale conservation initiatives that aim to conserve other elements of biodiversity for the long term (Redford et al. Priority setting for site conservation within these broad units has often progressed through consensus-based expert workshops (Hannah et al.

We also propose quantitative thresholds for the identification of KBAs meeting each criterion, based on a review of existing approaches and ecological theory to date.

However, these thresholds require extensive testing, especially in aquatic systems.

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