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No wonder you are failing, mass messages come of as insincere and desperate.It is obvious they are mass messages and that you are playing a numbers game. Especially since this "numbers game" men like to play with mass messages is popular with other men.It is pretty obvious that the offer of a date was also given to several others in a "form letter" type mass message. Read the woman's profile, not just look at the pictures.

If anything, it is the guy who has to put serious effort in to pitch for the girls’ attention.

Asking someone out on a date without asking anything else about them (like oh say, something from their profile or even their NAME), comes off as desperate and callous.

Most women aren't going to say yes to a date with a total stranger without at least a few messages to get a feel for the person.

With ‘perfect’ also being unattractive for many girls. Interestingly I feel the power can quickly shift once you’ve met in person and true natural selection kicks in (making things more equal).

So I guess Average Jim’s claim that Tinder is like ‘natural selection on crack’ has some merit but is not the full story.

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To save this being a novel, the story is to be continued.

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