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Dolly parton elvis presley dating

You know how it is with love, you gotta love who you love.I said, ' I'm really sorry,' and I cried all night. Elvis Presley.' And other people were saying, ' You're nuts.

I was going to go down the studio and watch him record it, I'd never met him.

For Dolly Parton, turning down Elvis Presley's offer to cover her music was one of the first "really hard business decisions" she had to make, the global country superstar told CNBC Meets.

In 1974, Parton released one of her iconic songs "I Will Always Love You"; a song that not only garnered millions of dollars in sales of her own recording but earned her even more thanks to versions by the likes of Linda Ronstadt and, most famously, Whitney Houston.

A newly released clip from the documentary shows Dolly explaining that she refused to let Elvis cover the song after his manager Colonel Tom insisted she would have to sign over half of the publishing rights. The documentary is called , and it will take fans on Dolly’s 50 year journey through her career in the music industry.

“Elvis already had it worked up and he loved this song, in fact Priscilla had told me not very long ago that when she and Elvis were leaving the courthouse after they divorced, he was singing that to her. “You’ve got to be daring, you’ve got to be able to get outside yourself and I’ve always said…

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"There's always gonna be Jolene's out there, and for men there's always gonna be a Joe, who's trying to steal your wife, or a Jolene who's trying to steal your man," she said."There's always someone you feel is a bit better than you, that could steal the person you love.

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