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To jump-start his love life, he bought a book called “The System,” written by one of his favorite bloggers and radio hosts, Doc Love.

“After years of failed relationships, heartbreak, wasted time, money, and emotion, I put my ego aside and realized I needed real help,” Blake said.

After interviewing more than 10,000 women about their wants and needs, he saw a pattern emerging. “They don’t know what to say or what not to say.” In January 2000, he began writing a blog that posts every Wednesday to remind men not to take their wives for granted.

Doc Love is dedicated in his mission — in over 16 years of blogging, he’s never missed a Wednesday.

“In a short time, I have learned so much,” said Phil, a loyal follower of Doc Love’s teachings, “and I know that having Doc as my teacher and friend will only mean even further growth for my future years to come.” Doc Love enjoys hearing about the transformations of men who use The System.

“You have to constantly give your wife affection and romance, just a little bit each day, to let her know you really value her.” Doc Love’s Dating Women Radio Show answers real men’s questions about dating and relationships.

Doc Love is troubled by a dating culture that leads to women initiating 70% of the divorces in the U. He set himself the ambitious task of turning these numbers around by educating men on how to maintain committed relationships throughout the years.

“I’m an inventor of what’s called ‘The System,'” he said, “which teaches men what to do right.

He gave an example of a simple gesture that can go a long way.

While your partner is washing the dishes, go up to her and kiss her, saying, “Honey, you’re the most beautiful dishwasher in the world.” (And maybe you could offer to finish up the dishes while you’re at it!

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