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in my love life if I’m turning to an ebook for the right answers…” My frustration with understanding women was sky-high and my confidence in myself was bottoming out… So for me, this ebook opened up a deep wound of realization. David’s writing style is very much a “tough love” approach. I know he was speaking truth and genuinely trying to help guys like me. It turns out us guys will tell ourselves just about anything when it comes to our (un)success with women! We can get super creative with these excuses, can’t we?How often have you been told that “Just be yourself! David De Angelo’s Double Your Dating book is the practical version of the “Just be yourself” advice.Yes, it is possible to be yourself – the most attractive version of yourself – and date the high-quality women you’ve always wanted.The ebook is set up very much like a college survey course.

I started to feel a little better when he got deeper into the history and evolution of it.But how can you take that and transition it into a kiss and escalate from there?Fortunately, Chapter 9 attacks this subject very well.David packs value into every crevasse of his programming.Double Your Dating end up being the perfect appetizer. It’s one of two courses that don’t involve him presenting in person on the topic, but rather in long-form writing.

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Specifically with Double Your Dating, it breaks down into three main buckets: 1. It is a massive undertaking to cover all of these areas effectively in just one course…